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Concept Giroux is a team who accomplish great things. We build every piece in our workshop in Chambly, Quebec. We use noble wood species and durable finishing product.

Magnificent and functional solid wood products.

The pure nobility of wood

At Concept Giroux, neither paint nor stain is used. We only work with the pure wood in its natural state. A mineral oil is applied if the product is for chopping food or we apply a maintenance-free urethane acrylic protective finish. Our natural-looking finish is clear and shine-free, so all the natural colours and details of the wood are highlighted. The added benefit is the ease of future corrections if there is a scratch to repair.

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We believe in the value of sustainable products and the authenticity of materials. This is why all of our products are built entirely in Quebec from solid raw, chemical-free wood sourced from forests developed in an environmentally responsible manner.


Our commitment is simple, we offer you turnkey and customized services before, during and after your purchase. The production and installation of your product shall be in accordance with the highest professional standards and practices and in a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, all of our wood finishes meet Health Canada guidelines.


For the last seventeen years, Concept Giroux, a high-end woorworking shop, designed and built custom made, solid wood products. Our experience, combined with our passion for noble materials, has made our company a leader in this specialty both in Canada and throughout North America, where hundreds of satisfied customers trust us for their projects.

Made with great care and superior craftsmanship

A true mark of confidence

Our noble material

Species available


The heartwood of this exotic species is a medium to dark reddish brown or purplish brown. Colour darkens with age, and has a cedar-like scent.


An exotic African wood, the tree’s heartwood is usually a yellow to golden or medium brown, darkening over time.

White Oak

Sapwood of the white oak is almost white while its heartwood is more greyish brown. The open grain provides a rich texture.

Red Oak

With nuances that go from pink to brown, red oak has a more traditional look. Its open grain gives some movement to the wood.

White Ash

Colors range from a creamy white to a dark brown. The open wide grain emphasizes the character of the white ash.


Hickory is an American wood with colour ranging from almost white-beige to light brown. This dense species appears to have stripes of colour which gives it a unique look.


The sapwood can be creamy white to yellow-gray or tan. Heartwood is rich brown with darker brown streaks, sometimes as dark as a purplish black.


Sapwood colour ranges from almost white, to a light golden or reddish brown, while the heartwood is a darker reddish brown.

Wormy Maple

Ambrosia beetles infest soft maple trees leaving a larvae behind that bore a shallow channel and deposit a fungus which causes the unique discoloration.


Heartwood is pink or reddish brown, sometimes with streaks of mild colour variation, while sapwood is pale yellow.


Heartwood is reddish brown. Sapwood is pale yellow or pink, not always sharply defined form heartwood. Colour tends to darken with age.

Yellow Birch

Yellow birch has a colour that ranges from cream to reddish brown. This semi-hardwood has a very smooth and lustrous finish.

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